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MIG Hospital is top hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery in Vijayawada


Looking for Hepato Biliary Pancreatic Treatment in Vijayawada? MIG Hospital provides Hepato biliary and Pancreatic Surgery at reasonable cost. Visit our Top Liver and Hepatobiliary Surgeon Hospitals in Vijayawada or book appointment now.

Hepatic disorders


⦁ Liver cysts
⦁ Liver abscess
⦁ Liver trauma
⦁ Hepatic tumors

Pancreatic disorders


⦁ Acute pancreatitis and complications
⦁ Chronic pancreatitis
⦁ Pseuodcyst of pancreas
⦁ Pancreatic neoplasms
⦁ Pancreatic fistula

Biliary tract disorders


⦁ Gall bladder stones (Cholelithiasis)
⦁ Common bile duct stones (Choledocholithiasis)
⦁ Choledochal cyst
⦁ Biliary ductal tumors

Treatments offered for various hepatopancreatic and biliary tract disorders 

⦁ Necrosectomy
⦁ Pancreaticojejunostomy (for pancreatic stones and stricture, pseudocyst)
⦁ Whipples procedures
⦁ Distal pancreatectomy
⦁ Central pancreatectomy
⦁ Cholecystectomy, CBD exploration
⦁ Post cholecystectomy bile duct injury repair
⦁ Choledochal cyst excision, Biliary drainage procedures
⦁ Liver cyst deroofing
⦁ Hepatectomy
⦁ Shunt procedure, devascularization surgery for upper GI bleeding
⦁ Splenectomy