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Dr. Sure Pavan Kumar is one of the Top Gastrointestinal Cancer Doctors in Vijayawada. We are dealing with the best, cost effective and famous hospitals for Stomach Cancer Treatment. MIG Hospital offers Best Gastric Cancer Treatment in Vijayawada. Best Gastrointestinal Cancer Doctors in Vijayawada and here treatment is very good with reasonable cost

Dr. Sure Pavan Kumar is the best Gastro Surgeon in Vijayawada. MIG Hospital Offer Cancer Treatments for

  • Esophageal cancer
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Colorectal and intestinal cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • liver cancer
  • Gallbladder and biliary cancer

What is cancer?


⦁ Every second of every day within our body, a massive process of destruction and repair occurs.
⦁ The Human body is made up of trillions of cells and every day billions of cells wear out or are destroyed.
⦁ Each time the body makes a new cell to replace one that is wearing out, the body tries to make a perfect copy of the cell that dies off, usually by having similar healthy cells divide into two cells because that dying cell had a job to do, and the newly made cell must be capable of performing that same function.
⦁ Despite remarkably elegant systems in place to edit out errors in this process, the body makes tens of thousands of mistakes daily in normal cell division either due to random errors or from environmental pressure within the body.
⦁ Most of these mistakes are corrected, or the mistake leads to the death of the newly made cell, and another new cell then is made.
⦁ Sometimes a mistake is made that, rather than inhibiting the cell’s ability to grow and survive, allows the newly made cell to grow in an unregulated manner.
⦁ When this occurs, that cell becomes a cancer cell able to divide independent of the checks and balances that control normal cell division. The cancer cell multiplies, and a cancerous or malignant tumor develops.
Tumors fall into two categories: “benign” tumors and “malignant”, or cancerous, tumors.

Difference between benign and malignant tumors


⦁ A benign tumor grows only in the tissue from which it arises. 
⦁ Benign tumors sometimes can grow quite large or grow rapidly and cause severe symptoms.
⦁ For example, a fibroid in a woman’s uterus can cause bleeding or pain, but it will never travel outside the uterus, invade surrounding tissues or grow as a new tumor elsewhere in the body (metastasized). Fibroids, like all benign tumors, lack the capacity to shed cells into the blood and lymph systems and cannot travel to other places in the body and grow.
⦁ A cancer, on the other hand, can shed cells from the original tumor that can float like dandelion seeds in the wind through the bloodstream or lymphatics, landing in tissues distant from the tumor, developing into new tumors in other parts of the body. This process, called metastasis, is the defining characteristic of a cancerous tumor. Pancreatic cancer, unfortunately, is a particularly good model for this process. Pancreatic cancers can metastasize early to other organs in this manner. They also can grow and invade adjacent structures directly, often rendering the surgical removal of the tumor impossible.

Cancers are named by the tissues from which the primary tumor arises. Hence, a lung cancer that travels to the liver is not a “liver cancer” but is described as metastatic lung cancer and a patient with a breast cancer that spreads to the brain is not described as having a brain tumor”; but rather as having metastatic breast cancer

Most common symptoms of gastrointestinal cancers


⦁ Dysphagia
⦁ Abdominal pain
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vomiting
⦁ Hematemesis (blood vomiting)
⦁ Hematochezia (Blood in stools), Melena
⦁ Loss of weight
⦁ Loss of appetite
⦁ Jaundice
⦁ Constipation
⦁ Tenesmus, spurious diarrhea

Causes of cancer


⦁ Hereditary or familial
⦁ Environmental causes
⦁ Dietary causes- smoked foods, salty foods, high calorie low protein diet, Low fiber and vitamin
⦁ Lifestyle – Tobacco, alcohol

Treatments for gastrointestinal cancers | Doctors for Gastric Cancer in Vijayawada


⦁ Medical oncology- chemotherapy
⦁ Surgery- curative resection, palliative resection, palliative bypass or other procedures
⦁ Radiation oncology- Radiotherapy
⦁ Endoscopic interventions- Stenting, resection, Diagnostic procedures