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⦁ Achalsia cardia and other motility disorders
⦁ Gastroesophageal reflux disease
⦁ Hiatal hernia
⦁ Acid ingestion-corrosive injury esophagus
⦁ Esophageal cancers


⦁ Peptic ulcer disease
⦁ Gastroparesis
⦁ Bleeding, foreign body ingestion
⦁ Gastric cancer


⦁ Duodenal ulcer
⦁ Duodental cancers
and othe rtumors

Upper GI Bleed Treatment 

MIG Hospital has the best gastro surgeon in Vijayawada. Dr. Sure Pavan Kumar is one of the gastroenterologists who provides Upper GI Treatment. In General, Upper GI endoscopy is used to treat open-up blockages, polyps removal, place draining tubes, and bleeding from ulcers. This endoscopy can detect digestive problems. Are you suffering from Upper GI Tract related issues? Looking for Surgical Gastroenterologist for the treatment? Then visit us for best treatment.  

Surgical procedures offered for UPPER GI disorders

  1. Hellers cardio myotomy (Achalasia)
  2. Fundoplication (gastroesophageal reflux),
  3. Diaphragmatic hernia
  4. Esophagectomy
  5. Colonic pullup
  6. TV+GJ (Truncal vagotomy and Gastrojejunostomy)
  7. Gastrectomy (total and subtotal)